Review: HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' returns strong for season 8

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" is never going to displace "Seinfeld" as the first thing mentioned in Larry David's obituary many years from now, even though "Curb" gave the world one of the all-time great obituary-related jokes (in the first season episode "Beloved Aunt"). But has the HBO show already done enough to accompany "Seinfeld" in the first line of that obituary? 

I think it has. 

Look, "Seinfeld" was a masterpiece. It was the most successful, influential comedy of its era, it introduced countless phrases and concepts into the cultural lexicon and produced so many classic episodes that a group of fans could endlessly debate which are the top 5, or 10, and not have any overlap and yet all have a reasonable argument. I take nothing away from the impact and legacy of "Seinfeld" to say that "Curb" - which begins its eighth season on Sunday night at 10 - looms nearly as large on David's resume, and that "Curb" has by now earned its own place in the all-time comedy pantheon. 

If anything, the previous season of "Curb," in which Larry brought Jerry and the rest of the "Seinfeld" gang back for a mock reunion, only added to the "Seinfeld" legend. Not only did it provide a much funnier, more satisfying ending to the original show than David had 11 years earlier, but that season - and particularly the interactions between Larry and Jerry - made it clear once and for all how much "Curb" is carrying on the various traditions of "Seinfeld," proving that there's still life in that structure and sensibility more than 20 years after the "Seinfeld" pilot first aired on NBC.  Read More...


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