Louie Recap: Moving On Up

One of the aspects of Louie that makes it such a quintessentially New York show is its very lack of abject New Yorkness: There are no nosedive camera swoops through Times Square, no summer-in-the-city montages of Central Park. The show takes place largely in the sort of standard-issue diners, bodegas, and parklets that most New Yorkers pass by every day and barely notice. In that sense, Louie reflects an essential truth of NYC living: After you’ve been here long enough, it just becomes another place, one where the obstacles tend to blot the landmarks. It’s not like we spend our nights spray-painting Basquiat tags on the Top of the Rock while reciting lines from Annie Hall.

Which is why last night’s "Moving" episode — in which Louie goes on an infuriating hunt for a new apartment — was so notable, as it was one of the few installments of the show that simply could not have taken place in another city. Granted, I’m sure that finding a new pad in, say, Cleveland isn’t without its frustrations. But it’s compared with the indignities that come with apartment-hunting in New York City, what with all its grotesque floor plans, corrupt realtors, and unfathomable closing costs. Yay, New York! We’re No. 1 in dream crushing! Read More...



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