Review: Who Knew A Trio Of 'Horrible Bosses' Could Lead To Fun And Laughs!

I don’t think I’ve ever recalled a moment where I’ve wanted to kill one of my bosses. Truth be told, I’ve been somewhat blessed with people I’ve worked for, however, I will say that on more than one occasion I’ve wanted to kill a co-worker! You know that whining little wuss or wench that can’t keep their trap shut for any apparent reason? Or feel a sense of entitlement to render their services based off conniving actions? Yeah! That’s the person I’ve wanted to kill more than once—along with some women I’ve dated—but that’s neither here nor there! Why? Well, because this of course is about Seth Gordon’s twisted comedy Horrible Bosses. In a world where jobs are extinct, much is needed to be embraced if you have one no matter what the cause…and in some cases, even if it means taking all sorts of crap (I.e. Ridicule, Insults or even Sexual Harassment) from a person you despise, and all for purposes of enhancement. Read More...


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