Curb Your Enthusiasm: TV Review

It takes no genius to surmise that the state of comedy on television is in robust health. But the eighth season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm is like an enthusiastic exclamation point that hammers home the proof.

Now entering another wince-inducing season, Larry David proves again that he can mine gold over and over from the same idea. Although Curb has sometimes gone out of its way to create painful scenarios for Larry to get in and out of, season eight just seems content to let him wander through life without a muffler on his mouth, like the days of old. Of course, he's got a divorce on his hands, but if there's a unifying theme, it's that Larry is now embracing what he's always been -- "a social assassin."

In a couple of episodes, Larry is basically hired out by people more meek than he -- which is pretty much everyone -- to do their verbal dirty work. They want Larry to say what they can't. Unsurprisingly, he thinks this is the deal of a lifetime. It all starts innocently enough, then ratchets up. Someone's wife is saying something insipid like "LOL"? No problem. Your mother has an annoying tic -- saying "aaaaahhhh" after sipping a beverage? Again, not a problem. Larry will "fix" that. Read More...


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