Big Brother Recap: David Rees, BB Virgin, Submits to the Premiere

Of all George Orwell’s creations, perhaps his most famous is Big Brother — the ubiquitous, all-seeing mechanical pig that terrorizes the population of Animal Farm in 1984, Part 2: 1985 (Dark Side of the Moo).

"Big Brother" is also the name of a mildly popular CBS reality show about citizens caught in a suffocating dystopia of surveillance and betrayal. Oh, wait, sorry: That’s the CBS Evening News! Big Brother is actually a show about schlubs trapped in a house.

I’m going to recap this season of Big Brother, its thirteenth. In solidarity with this summer’s Big Brother contestants, I hereby pledge to inadvertently reveal embarrassing personal details about myself, accidentally humiliate myself, and succumb to my basest instincts during the course of the series. (I will not, however, giggle in a bikini, which seems to be a common mode of expression according to the twenty seconds of YouTube research I did in preparation for this recapping gig.) Read More...


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