ROOKIE BLUE “Bad Moon Rising” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "Bad Moon Rising" Season 2 Episode 3 – A madman is roaming the streets of whichever Canadian city Rookie Blue is set, severing heads and shooting cops and thanks to an unfortunate tussle with McNally, he’s put her-and worse her family-in danger.

Oh yes, McNally’s family. Gone are the hours when Andy bemoaned her deadbeat ex-cop of a father. Wasted is the opportunity with Swarek. Now she’s with the charming, handsome blonde haired blue eyed Callaghan. And by with I mean engaged. After waking up suspecting a disturbance in her house, McNally goes for the gun case and finds the diamond Callaghan had bought for-well, not quite her, but he intended to give it to her anyways. So an impromptu proposal at gunpoint (not really but almost) announces that Andy will soon be wedded. Read More....


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