Popotan Complete Collection Review 2

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When Popotan first came out several years ago, it was a series that I wasn't quite sure where it belonged since it was playing to a few different areas. Time travel, slice of life, fanservice and nipples were abound in it. Popotan also changed up the expectations in its first episode with the cast as it seemed like it would revolve around a young boy and three women of varying degrees of hotness. The real focus is on the three women and the numerous people whose lives they affect in their mysterious journey across time.

Popotan is based on a video game so that can cover some of the oddness of the show. What we have is an extravagant large house out in the countryside that has a Christmas tree on top of it and lots of ribbons and trim. Inside the house, three women run the Christmas store that's there while a fourth serves as something of a maid and general clean-up person for the others. In the opening story, a young boy comes to the house with his camera in order to take pictures of the ghosts that supposedly reside there so that he can make a fellow classmate, Asuka, feel better since she believes ghosts exists but is routinely laughed at by her other classmates.

Daichi is surprised when he gets there however that there are actually people living inside and it's not an abandoned house at all. He quickly ends up running into the eldest of three sisters, Ai, as she's coming out of the bathroom and loses her towel. She's not shy about it but she's not flaunting it and is more concerned about his welfare than her modesty. Ai's a very over endowed beauty with green hair and an eternal smile that wears a Christmas styled outfit at all times. She's quickly cast aside as the youngest sister, Mii, arrives on the scene and is instantly attracted to Daichi and his "puffy" soft skin. She's the typical hyperactive young child who is all over the map. So what's left? The middle-aged serious sister named Mai who is concerned about her chest size and the fact that Daichi simply walked into their house and could be charged with assault based on what happened with Ai.

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