BURN NOTICE “Mind Games” Review

BURN NOTICE "Mind Games" Season 5 Episode 3 – In this episode, Michael’s little brother Nate comes back into town, bringing with him Michael’s nephew, oh and a case. It’s a good thing too, because now that Michael is back on the job, he’s got to deal with all the old issues that come with it. That includes major paranoia and nightmares, as he gets used to being in the spy game and having enemies on his tail again.

Throughout this episode we saw Michael doing all the things he normally does – funny accents, acting like a wackjob to get in with a nasty loan shark, saving people, etc. But underneath that we also start to see that all may not be right with him. It’s not just the nightmares, though I found him showing that little bit of vulnerability very interesting.

No, what’s truly worrying is the thing that Nate is the first one to spot; which is that Michael is acting like an addict. Why? Because he’s completely obsessed with the files he was given on his burn notice. He can’t stop looking through them and is convinced that something is not right. Well, either he’s wrong and he’s truly going nuts. Or he’s right and something is waiting in the woodwork to come after him again. Read More...



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