Torchwood: Miracle Day - "The New World" Review

Advance Review: Torchwood was initially heavy handed in its approach at marrying concepts from Doctor Who with a very mature setting. Creator Russell T. Davies struggled with finding an appropriate voice and tone for the series, which hampered the quality of Season 1. But these issues were finally ironed out by the end of Season 2 and the show has been on track ever since. The serialized approach of Torchwood: Children of Earth seemed to be a natural fit with the five-part miniseries being a huge critical success. 

Miracle Day attempts to improve upon that success with a ten-part serialized story primarily taking place in the United States. With the show now co-produced by Starz, it appears, at least after the first episode, that Torchwood has experienced a nice bump in the budget department as well.  Read More...


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