Futurama: "Law and Oracle" Review

One might think that an episode as crowded as "Law and Oracle" would fail more than it succeeds but, overall, it came together quite nicely. Still, the Tron and Avatar references felt a little shoe-horned in considering that the episode that was alreadymostly about Police Academy and Minority Report. (auth note: I don't think I've ever written a sentence as strange as that last one in a review before) 

Also, what hope do Avatar jokes have if Tron jokes are already old? But consider this: this episode was written in 2010, pre-Tron Legacy. And the voices were recorded last summer. So this nod to Tron was really more of a nod to the original Tron (with maybe a bit of anticipation for Legacy). "That's a violation of the law of Lorentz Invariance, baby," said smooth-talkin' officer URL right before he and his new cop partner Fry raced off to bust a speedster - Grid-style!  Read More...



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