‘Friday Night Lights,’ Season 5, Episode 12: ‘Texas Whatever’: TV Recap

The ends are coming together in this "Texas Whatever" episode of Friday Night Lights. Julie is home from college. Tami is back from her successful trip to Philly where she was offered the dean of admissions job. Tim is having nightmares (and has a new tattoo? I couldn’t see.)

And we’re almost at state. Bring it. Bring it on. But while the Lions are headed to the big time, they are fighting for their survival. The school district is going to cut either the Lions or the Panthers. Guess who has more money and more power? Yeah.

Coach Taylor is still being a jerk. Tami was offered this amazing job in Philly and Coach Taylor is digging his heels in and wants to stay in Texas, because that’s where his friends are and he likes tornadoes and I’m just waiting for him to throw himself down on the floor and squeal. Then he accuses Tami of rooting against his team. Tami says for the past 18 years, all their decisions have been based on his life and career and it’s her turn. Taylor can’t even talk about it. This is so not a pretty side of coach. Read More...



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