Why Syfy's Alphas is more than just another superhero show

Remember The 4400 and Heroes? Well, Syfy's newest series, Alphas, isn't anything like them, promises executive producer Ira Steven Behr and castmates Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada.

Instead the series—about a disparate group of people with special abilities who work for the government—takes on subjects like autism and extreme science, but mixes in humor and some very real characters.

"We don't consider ourselves a superhero show by any means," said Behr, who also executive-produced The 4400. "We're trying to take what's already going on or what can already go on within the human brain and just up it a little bit more to extreme science. So I think that is interesting, the fact that the characters themselves are not exactly suited to the position that they're in." Read More...



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