Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 8 Team Kakashi, Deployed Episode Recap

As Team Kakashi sets out for their mission, a woman, who is found out to be a decoder, heads to decode the message about what has happened in the Sand Village.

Deidara heads off before Kankuro can do anything, so he must contend with Sasori. Black Ant emerges from the sand and propels Sasori into the air. When Sasori's captured by Black Ant, Kankuro prepares to use his Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot.

Team Kakashi receives their mission: coastal transport convoy, and as expected, Naruto turns it down. This easily infuriates the others, but before anything can be accomplished, the decoder enters and delivers word about the message from the Sand. Team Kakashi's mission is to find out anything and assist the Sand in any way they can.

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