Friday Night Lights Review: "Texas Whatever"

Double the Riglets, double the fun? Not in Mindy's eyes! Mindy's discovery that she's having twins is just one of many difficult revelations in"Texas Whatever", the penultimate episode of Friday Night Lights.  Sh*t is going DOWN in Dillon, ya'll.

Tami's back with an offer to be the Dean of Admissions from a private university in Philadelphia. Coach is about to go to State with a team that might not even exist next year. The fight in Dillon over which football program to keep has reached a boiling point. Arrangements and preparations are being made behind people's backs and it's not the ideal time to pit the Taylors against each other. The Taylors have always been the pillar of strength on all that is FNL. If they're falling apart, what hope is there for everything else? Read More...


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