Just Wondering...

1.Does anyone else think, we've gotten a little off topic in the series. I'm the drama and the problems are cool, like the show would be nothing with out it, but when was the last time they address the problem that on the full moon water is going to attack them. And try to turn them in to water, which I'm pretty sure it would kill a person mermaid or not.

2.Also so wondering if anyone else thinks they expected Bella a little to easily after the Charlotte affair. I mean she was pretty nasty I'd be weary of any other mermaid besides the ones I got turned into a mermaid with after that I mean come on!!

3.Just to continue on my little rant. Does anyone else wonder what happen to the power boast, or power-up they got at the begining of season two. Like what happened to that, will it only come back when (if) Emma comes back.

4.Okay last complaint/after tyrant note. When/if Emma comes back does anyone else think that might get a little messy? Because if they just make Emma come back and sees Bella and goes hey that's cool we found another mermaid and they all skip happily off in to the sunset. That would SUCK! I'm mean, in any normal high school girl relationship, if you go away then come back and see your two very best friends have replaced you you'd be peeved. But if we think like Emma that probably won't happen she'd probably come be like hey another mermaid cool, and be chillz and all. Rikki and Chole would be all like EMMA!! and start catching up and acting like they did before, leaving Bella to feel rejected. What I'm asking here is do you think I'm over thinking it or you completely agree with me, because this has been bugging me for a while.


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