Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Exit 1

The Story

Mikado Ryuugamine has spent his entire life in the country and never even got to go on class trips growing up. This has left him having never seen Tokyo and wanting to get out into the world. Accepting an invitation from his friend, Mikado moves to the Ikebukuro neighborhood of Tokyo to start high school. On his first day there, he meets a string of new people from the city and witnesses an urban legend: the headless biker riding on a black bike with no lights.

Good and the Bad

Moving in a direction that might not feel entirely clear at first, the first episode of Durarara spends most of its time introducing new characters. Created by the same man who created Baccano, Ryohgo Narita, the cast for this series is characteristically large. Besides the hero Mikado, Durarara is already promising to fill the series with another string of characters that fans will need to get used to.

That's a problem best left for another day however. Just taking in what's presented, Durarara is one of the most solid premieres in the season. Having full confidence in where it plans to go in the future, it stands apart from other premieres because of its desire to not do too much, too fast. While other series have been busy putting in as much comedy, fan service, etc as possible to hook audiences in, this series opts to spend its first episode introducing characters and slowly giving fans a taste of what is to come.


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