'Big Brother 13': First nominees, first Have-Nots


The live feeds have started for "Big Brother 13," but these recaps are going to be of the aired TV episodes, so please keep live feeds spoilers out of the comments. Thank you.Alliances FormWhen we pick it up with our hamsters, everyone is stunned by this Golden Key twist. Brendon and Rachel are obviously thinking a million miles a minute since they are the first HOH pair. The oldie houseguests realize they have to ban together.Porsche says to Keith they have to get in good with the veterans in order to be safe, but Keith isn't so sure. He wants the newbies to stick together. Well, that doesn't really work for this week, dude. The oldies have all the power this week. I would be kissing their butts left and right.Meanwhile, Dominic, Keith and Lawon decide that they've got each other's backs if any of their pairs go up in the first four weeks. We'll...



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