'Big Brother 13': Evel Dick Donato left for a personal emergency


Evel Dick Donato left "Big Brother 13" mere hours before the live feeds began last Thursday night (July 7) and everyone has been wondering why. Sunday night (July 10) he made a video for Reality TV Zone explaining the situation, sort of. It was a personal emergency, but there are no details offered.Dick says [edited for length]: "CBS will be addressing this on the Wednesday episode of 'Big Brother.' But I wanted to address my departure from the BB house to stop all the speculation and b******* rumors floating around the internet once and for all.I wasn't kicked out, I wasn't put in ail, I wasn't diagnosed with cancer, my mother, my son and my girlfriend weren't in any kind of accident or caused me to leave the house in any way shape or form. My brother wasn't killed, I don't even have a brother ... all these rumors are just out of hand.This isn't...



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