Recap: 'True Blood' - 'If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?'

More revelations: Sookie smells not only like "freedom," but also wheat, honey and sunlight -- which, according to vampires, has a smell. In case you’ve been glamoured sometime in the past week and forgot all about what the witches have done to Eric to make him talk like this, here you go: They joined hands, summoned some necromantastic force and fried Eric’s brain. Now Eric can’t remember who Sookie is, only that she smells like the items listed above.

Run, Sookie, run! You are not Eric’s "f***in’ dinner!" And you are not a cast member of Jersey Shore, even if Eric just called you Snookie, which, for the record, is awesome. Eric isn’t real sure what happened to him, but he recalls the spell "emptied" him, and that Marnie apparently can look really hot when she speaks Latin.

"Everything I was, was taken from me," Eric says. His shirt, for example. Other than that, it’s not real clear what was taken from Eric; he can still smell, he can still whip out his fangs and he can still run like Carl Lewis on meth. He also still remembers to speak without using contractions. Read More...


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