'Food Network Star' Recap: Food Trucks, Ball Jokes and WTF Goodbyes

It's astonishing how much my mood has shifted over the course of just a few weeks of Food Network Star. I began season 7 optimistic, if a little hesitant. But this season has been draining, and we've all felt it. All it takes is one glance at the comments on our Facebook insider page to gauge the overall mood. Viewers are angry and frustrated, with many even swearing off the show until Penny Davidi leaves. Clearly, the novelty of Penny's scheming, dramatic ways has worn off. And now we're just sick of her.

Am I looking forward to Food Network Star tonight? Honestly, no. We've got the same stupid food truck challenge we see ever damn season. We've Penny pitching more fits. And we've got Tyler Florence, a man I just cannot stand even looking at, due to overwhelming douchiness. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching contestants like Orchid Paulmeier, Whitney Chen and Jeff Mauro. But their appeal is just completely overshadowed by the bad stuff. It really is a shame, because there are some awesome people on the show this season. Read More...



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