David Strathairn Explains How 'Alphas' Are Different Than Other Superheroes (VIDEO)

The principal characters on Syfy's new series 'Alphas' might seem like superheroes, but that's not necessarily true. David Strathairn said Monday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) that you won't see Superman or mutants with steel claws on the show, just regular people who happen to be able to harness normal human abilities better than most.
"We can't change the weather with a flick of our hand or put out a fire with our breath," said Strathairn, "but all these individuals have capabilities that we all have except they can heighten them to extraordinary levels." Supposedly, the abilities are based in "neurological fact," or real abilities. "You could look at someone and override their willpower and just suggest something you want them to do and they do it," said Strathairn by way of example.
Strathairn's Dr. Lee Rosen is the de facto Professor X, the man charged with "trying to ferret out bad Alphas using their skills for nefarious means," and also trying to help the good ones control their gifts. Hopefully, someone in the cast has the gift of second season renewal.



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