'Teen Wolf': 3 Things We Want To Happen On Tonight's Episode

Last week's "Teen Wolf" ended on quite the cliff-hanger, didn't it? Scott's boss at the animal clinic escaped kidnapping moments before Derek was impaled by the alpha wolf, which then chased Scott and Stiles into the school.

Check out my new video recap for last week's jam-packed episode above, then jump on through to read the three things I hope happen in tonight's new "Teen Wolf," premiering at 10 p.m.

1) Derek's stomach wound better heal! Without a wolf mentor, Scott will be a lost puppy-dog. (Or, uh, wolf-cub?) No offense to Stiles, but his idea of teaching Scott how to control his anger—by physically harming him in elaborate (and hilarious) ways—will cost MTV way too much money in stage blood, and frankly, I'd like a Christmas bonus this year. Read More...



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