THE GLEE PROJECT: ‘Dance Ability’ Recap

Sunday night on THE GLEE PROJECT we learned which contestants would follow Finn in wearing a "Can’t Dance" t-shirt when the week’s theme was "Dance-ability." Harry Shum, Jr., was the mentor for the homework assignment and can I just say I want that guy to choreograph my life?! Love him! What I didn’t love? The group number to "Hey Soul Sister." I would be OK if I never heard that song again – I even skip it on my Warblers CD!

After picking Samuel as the winner, Harry announced the music video would be "Can’t Touch This" and Hannah’s face lit up. Did you know she fancies herself a rapper? And she pulls it off!

You know I love Samuel, but I was a little disappointed in him when he didn’t give Hannah credit during his freestyle portion of the song. He did use her rap catchphrase, after all. But for Alex to turn around and call him cocky? Pot calling the kettle black, much? And his attitude was out in full-force when Zach asked him to help with the choreography. Just because you find elaborate choreography easy, doesn’t mean you have to belittle the others who aren’t picking it up as fast. And now I’ll step off of my weekly "Alex’s Attitude" soapbox. Read More...


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