Review: With 'Alphas,' Syfy Aims for Superhero Territory

If you have even casual familiarity with the world of superhero comics and films, nothing about 'Alphas' (10PM ET Monday, Syfy) will strike you as unusual.

There aren't any tights or costumes in sight, but many of the familiar building blocks are put in place by the drama's series premiere: The unusually powerful team that sometimes held back by bickering and interpersonal issues; the abrupt government agent with the ambiguous agenda; the thoughtful, professorial leader of the team who is not named Professor Charles Xavier but who might as well be. (At least 'Alphas' comes by its 'X-Men' connections honestly: Co-creator Zak Penn was one of the writers on a couple of 'X-Men' movies.)

As an origin story, 'Alphas' hits some notes too hard and lacks a certain subtlety, yet there's potential in this tale, especially if it delves into the psychological cost of being extraordinary.


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