DROP DEAD DIVA “Dream Big” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "Dream Big" Season 3 Episode 3 - This week, Jane takes on the case of a ‘little person’, Eli, who was conceived with the aid of a sperm bank called Zygolife. The aim is to get money for his medical costs and so Jane attempts to claim that Zygolife was negligent in not checking for genetic mutations that lead to Eli’s medical condition. When this fails, Jane changes tack and claims product liability, much to the upset of Eli’s mother, who says she loves her son no matter what. This is reasserted in court, after Jane upsets Eli’s mother by asking whether she was hoping for a ‘healthy’ child, and the jury are moved. Zygolife offer a generous settlement.

Meanwhile, Grayson takes on the case of a stripper who is fired from her job after she asks her boss to create a healthier, safer work environment – after advice from Grayson during his bachelor party. They succeed in pushing the necessary changes – but the boss reclassifies her – and two other strippers – as employees and takes away their tips. It’s back to court, where the judge is none other than Grayson’s future father-in-law. Grayson wins the case and gets to fulfill his father-in-law’s wishes by officially asking for Vanessa’s hand in marriage. Read More...



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