Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 11 The Medical Ninja's Student... Episode Recap

Chiyo's assault on Kakashi is stopped due to Naruto's quick use of shadow clones. Upon further inspection, Chiyo realizes that Kakashi only bares resemblance to the White Fang of the Leaf Village, who is actually his father, but he is not actually him. She plays it off by saying that she pretended to be senile. Meanwhile, Sakura has everyone leave the room as she begins her examination on Kankuro. The poison in his body is one that can destroy the cells after infiltrating the muscles. Though there's a slight chance to save Kankuro, Sakura has the two medical shinobi present gather up some materials for her.

Akatsuki continues to extract Shukaku from Gaara's body.

Sakura has the others hold Kankuro down while she holds a held together sphere of medical liquid over him. She sends chakra into his body, draws the poison from the cell, absorbs it into the ball, and pulls it out. After awhile, she removes most of the poison from his body to the point where his life is no longer in danger, but she's far from done.

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