Another Reason You Should Be Watching 'Love in the Wild': They're Going to 'Snake Island'!

I must admit, part of my motive for pushing Love in the Wild so hard in that headline is selfish: I'm recapping this summertime sexy survival series, and like the buxom babes and doofy dudes who volunteered to be on the show, I don't want to go through this alone. It's like they always say, "If a pun falls in the recap, but no one is there to laugh at it, did it really happen?" (No. Because I am like the Tinkerbell of reality TV blogging. I need your laughter to survive!)

But there are other, even better reasons to watch Love in the Wild, besides the resulting snark-fest that will be my recap every single week. And the teaser for this Wednesday's episode (10pm, NBC) illustrates one of them: As the dating pool dwindles, the show will inch ever closer to actually becoming MILF Island, putting the increasingly desperate daters in increasingly crazy situations. In other words: They're raising the stakes ... and THE SNAKES!

Watch the preview for this week's Love in the Wild adventure to "Snake Island":


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