'Bachelorette' Videos: Chris on Brad and Emily's Breakup, Ali on Wedding 'Pressure'

It's been two long weeks since we saw a new Bachelorette episode, but we've been anything but lacking in sneak peeks, teasers and other tantalizing tidbits about tonight's double-the-drama episode.If you really took the week off, allow me to help you catch up before The Bachelorette this evening: We saw a sneak peek of tonight's wedding-themed group date; Chris Harrison accused the media of sabotaging Emily and Brad's love, and in return the tabloids were all like "Who?" because they're too busy going after Ashley's fresh meat; there were rumors that JP is a player but we still love him; Jake Pavelka said some silly, hypocritical stuff for attention; there were rumors that Emily will be the next Bachelorette but I think it's a bad idea; though maybe not as bad as this whole season has been; and Ali and Roberto defended Ashley and were super-cute about it.
Wow! That's a lot. And now, right here, there's more. First, check out Chris Harrison on Good Morning America today, doing his part to bolster ratings inform the public of the truth about Emily and Brad's breakup, which we will learn more about in his interview with Emily, which will air at the tail-end of tonight's Bachelorette episode. Then, check out part two of Chris's interview with Ali and Roberto. Spoiler alert: They are still in love!



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