'The Glades': Matt Passmore goes for the 'sneaky cuff'


In his role as Florida Detective Jim Longworth on A&E's Sunday drama "The Glades," star Matt Passmore has to occasionally slap the cuffs on a suspect. Luckily, a real police officers are around to give him some pointers."I'm about to restrain a guy," he tells Zap2it, talking in his trailer between scenes in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., "take him out of the room and cuff him at the car. I ask, 'What do you think?' He's like, 'Do that walk I taught you, put him on the hood, take one arm over ...'"But Passmore has developed a handcuffing technique that's very particular to his character."I like the sneaky cuff," he says, "which is very Longworth. It's like, you're being cuffed before you know it. He's got a little bit of that 'Columbo' thing. He's not that cop that stands right over you, 'Where were you the night of the murder?'"He'll be talking about how your dog...



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