On The Set: 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Cast Talk 'Buffy' Comparisons

A teenage girl finds out she has super powers.  Her father isn't around and she has a close relationship with her mother and two best friends, a guy and a girl.  She also, suddenly, has her pick of cute guys: one human, and one supernatural.  Sound familiar circa 1997?  Don't worry, Buffy fans.  I've spoken to the actors of The Nine Lives of Chloe King and they are fully aware of the similarities between the series' and are only interested in paying tribute to the cult favorite that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So if Chloe is parallel to Buffy, and Amy is Willow, Paul is Xander, and Meredith, Chloe mom is parallel to Joyce. And what about the men that are interested in Chloe?  Brian reminds me of a Riley type, from seasons 4-6.  As for Alek, there are some striking similarities between him and Angel, starting with the fact that he protects Chloe at the beginning of their relationship, but does have a rather mysterious quality that makes us as viewers, and Chloe, want to find out more.  But who exactly is the big bad here?   After the second episode, an assassin on the scene was killed by Valentina, Jasmine's mom, leader of the San Francisco Mai. Obviously people are out to destroy Chloe's kind, the Mai, but will the series come out with one true villain?  Is Brian's dad the one pulling all the strings? 



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