'Bachelor's' Emily Maynard: 'I wish I didn't have to sit here'


"Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison kicks off the Emily Maynard update interview by saying "some" of the couples on the show don't work out. Uh, shouldn't that have been "most"? We're all adults here.Emily starts off by saing she thought they'd be planning a wedding the next time she saw Chris Harrison. Hmm. Really? 'Cause myself (and lots of people I know who watch this show) didn't think you two were going to get married AT ALL.She's crying right from the start, which just makes me want to heave. I'm so over Emily and if this is just ABC's way of keeping her in our minds so she can be the "Bachelorette" next summer? Ughhhh.She confirms that she and Brad are not engaged anymore, but that he'll "always be a huge part of [her] life." She then invokes the friggin' DOT DOT DOT that Bentley dropped on Ashley. Are you kidding me, Emily? Emily also says...



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