Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 12 The Retired Granny's Determination Episode Recap

As the Akatsuki sealing continues, Pakkun finds the organization's hideout. That same night in the Sand Village, Chiyo unlocks a chest and takes the two scrolls. That morning, Pakkun relays his discovery of Akatsuki's hideout to Kakashi, who has one more task for Pakkun to accomplish. Once Naruto wakes up, everyone gets ready to set out. Well, everyone except for Kankuro, who is still trying to force himself. However, Temari promises that she'll bring Gaara back.

Before anyone can take off, however, Baki intervenes and tells Temari that she and her squad will remain in the village on border patrol as an order by their superiors. Now that Gaara is no longer around, any other village could attack at any moment, so their defenses need to be boosted. However, Gaara is their Kazekage, so someone from the Sand needs to accompany the Leaf shinobi on the mission. It's at this point that Chiyo steps in and volunteers herself.

The Akatsuki continue to extract Shukaku from Gaara and the eyes of the giant statue slowly begin to open, one by one.

Team Guy's journey is interrupted when Pakkun meets them. He tells them that Kakashi and the others are headed to the Land of Rivers, which is between the Sand Village and the Leaf Village. So, Guy's team is closer to Akatsuki than anyone else is for the time being.

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