WAREHOUSE 13: ‘The New Guy’ Recap

Welcome back, WAREHOUSE 13! It finally feels like summer when WAREHOUSE 13 is back on the air, right? These fall/winter/spring hiatuses are way too long in my book. If you haven’t read Marisa Roffman’s article with Jack Kenny and Aaron Ashmore, be sure to do so. But for now, let’s break down the season premiere!

The episode begins in New Jersey at a Rock & Roll history museum. The building is blocked off because of a potential bomb threat. I expected to see Pete, (possibly even Myka), Claudia and Artie around, but that doesn’t happen at first. As an ATF team prowls the building area, we see one agent hauling a suspect away, and immediately, we’re introduced to the newest character in WH13, Steve Jinks.

Steve can tell the suspect is telling the truth, and his colleagues roll their eyes that once again he can spot when someone is lying. Steve assures them it’s not a "special gift," but as he’s thinking about it, he spots Pete calmly entering the museum. Intrigued, he follows. Read More...



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