SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Persistence of Memory” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH "The Persistence of Memory" Season 1 Episode 6 - Tonight’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH is about communication and understanding, not only between the deaf and hearing worlds but between family and friends – Toby and John, Bay and Daphne, Regina and Kathryn. It’s another great episode that highlights the difficulties of the deaf culture, having to always accommodate to situations outside of their community. "The Persistence of Memory" provides a revealing contrast between the mocking that Daphne endures in school/cooking class and the productive back-and-forth that results between Bay and Emmett after a little patience.

Toby changes from happy-go-lucky brother to debt-ridden criminal.

Wilke is a bit of a conundrum. He is perfectly nice and even gallant with Daphne, but easily turns into the threatening bookie-racketeer. The character adds both fun and tension to the show. Read More...



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