'Bachelorette' Deleted Scenes: Ain't No Sunshine When Ryan's Gone

Did you notice the absence of a certain name that starts with a "B" and ends with an "entley" last night on The Bachelorette? Never have I heard a more beautiful absence in my whole life.

And speaking of absence ... last night's episode in Taiwan was largely lacking in most of the other Bachelorette mainstays (crying, unnecessary drama, fear-based dates) except for Ashley's final date of the evening with "solar energy" man (that describing his occupation and his life philosophy) Ryan. After his lecture about tankless water heaters forced Ashley to cut him loose early, Ryan let loose some waterworks of his own as he wallowed in the unexpected rejection. It was one of the most dramatic exits we've seen this season, because Ryan is just that sort of guy: One of high highs, and low (looooow) lows. Read More...



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