'White Collar' 3.06 'Scott Free' Review

When the FBI starts tracking another wily con artist, Scott Rivers (Hutch Dano), everything feels a little familiar - but that's the point. For the characters, and for the audience, it's impossible not to hold the mirror up and draw parallels between Scott's present and Neal's past. Things get complicated when there's an attempt on Scott's life early on, making him equal parts criminal and victim. It's a great concept for an episode, one rife with opportunities for character development and introspection.  While the episode fulfills the premise, it doesn't take those ideas as far as they could go.

By the episode's halfway point, Scott is in Neal's apartment, asking for his help in getting a guy named Carlisle off his back. Understanding Scott's precarious position, Neal, Sara and Mozzie hatch a plan to help him return what he stole from Carlisle - who can in turn be arrested for the fact that he swiped said goods from their rightful owner in the first place. It sounds more impressive than it is; the plot is pretty easy to follow. I wouldn't mind that so much if we'd had more character moments to balance it out, but there's more humor than exploration to be had. "Scott Free" is more of a fun ride - a cautionary tale with a smile, plus the dangling thread of Sara discovering Neal's new identity. Read More...



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