Covert Affairs Review: On The Border

For the first time since the second season of Covert Affairs began, an episode left me wanting a lot more.  "The Outsiders" still had its entertaining moments, but there were definitely more aspects that didn't work than those that did.

The problems with "The Outsiders" have to begin with the utter lack of Peter Gallagher.  I'm aware that every character isn't going to be able to be fit in every week, but I will complain week in and week out of Sandy Cohen fails to make it on screen.

The complications continued with the strange realignment of personnel.  Auggie was back in his comfort zone, but Reva still being in the department, and out in the field no less, continued to throw me.  At the end of last episode it seemed like she was going to head back to where she came from, but "The Outsiders" began with her out in the field with Annie.  Why was there hardly an explanation for why she was still working with them? Read More...


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