'Big Brother 13': Jeff Schroeder's homophobic rant video

WARNING: Adult language in the videoThe "Big Brother" house is is known for fighting, especially late at night. The houseguests are cooped up with each other and they are usually given alcohol. But Tuesday night's fight between Jeff and Kalia was a whole new thing.It was a fight about the "Harry Potter" character Dumbledore, who author J.K. Rowling has said she always thought of as gay. Jeff, who clearly has never read the books based on his comments, starts going off about how inappropriate it is to send kids to a "fantasy camp" run by a gay male. Apparently for Jeff Schroeder, gay = pedophile or molester. It makes us sad for Jeff that he's so ignorant and bigoted.When Kalia defends both the books and the idea that there is nothing wrong with sending your kids "to camp" with a gay man (which isn't really even what "Harry Potter" is, but whatever), Jeff goes...



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