'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Devil You Know'

After an episode spent treading water (swimming pun!), Emily was finally given something to do on last night's "Pretty Little Liars." In fact, she pretty much deserves a spot on the Rosewood PD thanks to her thorough investigation into Ian's mysterious death.

As the liars convened at school to mull over the shocking turn of events, they ran into no-good Officer Garrett who informed them Ian had already been dead a week when his body was found. So unless ghost-texting is a thing now, he couldn't have been the one to send those messages to Melissa. Yet, somehow, this didn't really seem to bother anyone except Em. A well-timed text from A asking if the "suicide" note looked familiar only piqued her interest.

While Emily sniffed for clues, the other liars went about looking for a little (elusive) closure. The poor Hastings were left to arrange Ian's funeral, and by arrange I mean avoid it. That is, until Spencer (of all people) convinced them to hold a small service for the sake of Melissa's sanity. Still feeling all guilty-like for pawning off her sister's engagement ring, Spencer did a little online browsing to see how much a replacement would set her back. But seeing as she has no discernible job or income, everything was out of her price range. Read More...



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