Who's Your Daddy, Chloe King?

Last night on The Nine Lives of Chloe King, our kitten with a wit stepped up her secret correspondence with her absentee father. And let's just say things are not looking up for a dad-daughter reunion anytime soon.

Having previously emailed the man she thinks is the father who left her and her mom years ago, Chloe got a reply to her "please come back" missive that was riddled with all-caps creepy. "CAN'T COME HOME NOW. NOT SAFE."  Other than offering proof that he was her father (in the form of a rhyme from Chloe's childhood), the mystery e-mailer failed to follow up as to why things were so perilous for him. Could it have something to do with his possibly illicit affiliation with the Mai? Or the Rezza family's vendetta against the cat-fancying tribe? Or could it be that the person on the other end of these emails isn't really her dad? Read More...



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