LEGEND QUEST (Syfy) Series Premiere Advance Review

What do you get when you mix The Da Vinci Code with Raiders of the Lost Ark and then throw in a real life symbologist, his producer and a camera crew following them all around the world? You getLEGEND QUEST Syfy’s latest show premiering tonight at 10:00 pm ET. Legend Quest follows Ashley Cowlie, a real life symbologist, on his adventures around the globe to track down ancient relics and artifacts. He uses his knowlege of symbols coupled with clues found in ancient writings to create amap to lead his way. He is accompanied by his field producer, Kinga Phillips, who appears to be there mostly for Ashley to explain his findings, theories, and history.

I had the opportunity to review the first episode of Legend Quest in advance. It is definitely a unique show. Peppered between the footage of Ashley and his crew are animations and illustrations to help explain each relic, its history and its legend. I found it to be a great device to tell the story behind the item for which they were searching. The first episode had the crew tracking down two relics, the Ark of the Covenant and the Mayan Talking Cross. Their escapades took them to such places as Ethiopia, Italy, France, and Central America. They would visit small ancient towns and then end up in bigger more developed cities. Along the way, they would find translators, guides, and of course ancient holy men to help them solve the mystery of the particular relic and guide them toward its hidden spot. Read More...



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