THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING "Girls Night Out" Season 1 Episode 5 – On THE NINE LIVES OFCHLOE KING this week, Chloe runs into more members of the Mai clan – this time from a pride in Brazil.

Right off the bat we know that something is a little off with Nikki and Lilah. They seem a little more concerned with partying and sneaking Chloe into clubs and whatnot, then actually learning about their new leader.

Turns out that we’re right – apparently in Brazil, the Mai prides work a little differently than in San Francisco. So differently in fact that Chloe ends up having to defend herself against her new friends.

As if that weren’t enough, Brian sort of drops a bomb shell on her by letting her know that his father has made plans for him to be sent back east for school. Needless to say; Chloe is not too pleased with this new development.

And then on top of THAT little fiasco, Chloe’s dad actually replied to the email that she sent him in the first episode. The email stated that it wasn’t safe for him to come home right now; which poses some interesting questions. Read More...


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