WHITE COLLAR “Scott Free” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Scott Free" Season 3 Episode 6 – In this episode Peter and Neal are on the trail of a regular Robin Hood – a kid who steals from people of wealth who happen to collect expensive and over-the-top toys. So he takes said toys from them and gives a donation to a charity when he does so. Classy.

When Peter gets the case, he’s over-the-moon happy about it, telling Neal that now that he’s caught him, he misses the challenge. Neal for his part seems more than a wee bit jealous of the new guy. Whether it was because the kid was almost as good as he was at that age or because of Peter’s attention, I’m not sure, but my vote is on the latter.

Neal catches up to the kid which leaves him in a bit of a pickle. Should he encourage Scott onto the path of the straight and narrow or should he help him continue on the crooked path of a con man? It was an interesting position for Neal to be in, especially since he himself is in the midst of trying to pull off his biggest con yet. He and Mozzie have even gone so far as to get themselves completely untraceable new identities in preparation for the big day. Read More...



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