Pretty Little Liars: Ballad For Dead Frenemies

pretty little liarsTold ya!

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars confirmed my suspicions from last week's episode concerning Ian's fake suicide and the fact that he was dead for about a week. While the denizens of Rosewood were too busy declaring Alison's murder solved and condemning Ian for the deed, our Little Liars knew better and waited for the next piece of 'A'-shaped lead to drop on their heads.

The aftermath of Ian's death rippled through the community of Rosewood and unveiled some sort of answers, while leaving a trail of even more questions. Anyone who has read these Pretty Little Liars reviews know that I had a seriously thin tolerance for all things Ian towards the end of last season when he became a menacing nuisance. So imagine how much my world was rocked when 'A' pushed Ian clean off the bell tower to his initially apparent and now confirmed death? My case against the man completely blew up in my face at that moment. Then to discover Ian's innocence and the fact that Alison was actually still alive in the video only made me feel even more like a jackass for leading a witch hunt. However, I still think Ian had something to hide for him to go off the deep end (pun not intended) and attempt to kill Spencer, aka his own sister-in-law. It's kind of like the Casey Anthony case where you know they are guilty, but the evidence presented is a useless as the media coverage on the subject. Read More...


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