Teen Wolf: The Breakfast Club Experience From Hell

teen wolfHoly. Hell.

Last night's Teen Wolf was nothing but a straight up carnival ride that didn't give you the opportunity to frequently catch your breath. A sharp turn from a standard episode, "Night School" pit the teenagers of Teen Wolf in some serious danger as the Alpha made his next move to get Scott to join him in terrorizing the town of Beacon Hills. Despite all of the kids being "okay" in the end, there was still one casualty that went through my heart like a silver bullet.

The episode started where we left off with Scott and Stiles hiding inside the school from the Alpha, trying to figure out their next move. Meanwhile, Allison got a text from Scott to meet her at the school, because it was urgent. However, Scott doesn't own a phone anymore, remember? Despite knowing this, Allison still headed to the school with Lydia and a seriously crushing Jackson in tow. With the gang all there, the Alpha chased the teens around the school until he finally corners Scott and attempts to execute his plan: have Scott kill his "old pack," aka his friends in order to join the Alpha in his "new pack." Read More...



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