Real Housewives of New Jersey: Peace For Now?

the real housewives of new jerseyThat was a long break for the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the drama picked right up from where it left off.

Last night's episode gave us a lighter tone with all of the families (sans the Wakiles) trying to get along with each other and help mend the fences between Teresa, her brother Joey, and Melissa.  I'd say the operation was a success, but I'm guessing that complications are likely to ensue later on down the line. Elsewhere, Lauren Manzo had a fit about not being around Albie and Chris anymore, while Kathy and Rich received words of wisdom from Al Manzo.


While Rich was still looking for a nice place for Kathy's restaurant, the new NJ Housewife started to have some reservations about the whole venture. Luckily a trip to The Brownstone and a talk with Al Manzo set these two wannabe entrepreneurs straight. Basically, Al told the Wakiles that starting up a restaurant isn't as glamorous as they (well, mainly Rich) thinks. There are long hours, little vacation time, and then there is that whole family thing you would start to neglect if the place becomes a success. In other words, start off small and then see what happens.

The cautionary tale not only came from a good place, but also mirrored Caroline's sentiments concerning having more time to spend with Al. He seemingly shares the same feelings, but I bet he's not ready to pass the Brownstone over to Chris and Albie just yet. I don't blame him either. Read More...


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