Mob Wives: What Happened During the Reunion?

cableThe Mob Wives reunion didn't feature any physical altercations. It wasn't filmed in front of a raucous live audience and nobody got up to scream a point at anybody else. There were no salacious reveals and nobody walked away with wig askew and make-up a mess. In short, it was very unusual for a reality show reunion.

While it was pretty damn entertaining, did it live up to what I wanted?

Yes and no. The major thing I was happy to see was that each woman had made some progress in their personal life, which, after investing my time getting to know each backstory, actually happened. How about that? Karen was inching her way toward being in Staten Island permanently, Carla had established a very healthy (platonic) relationship with Joe after his release, Drita is filing for divorce from Lee, and Renee was not only working hard at her stylist job, but she had finally (finally!) kicked Junior to the curb. As I've mentioned previously, no matter what I think about these ladies, I wish nobody ill will in their personal life and to see people who were obviously searching for some type of answer be able to find it and make a change was infinitely rewarding. I'm curious if any of these changes are actually going to stick for the foreseeable future; as wonderful as it is to see (for example) Renee step out on her own two feet for the first time in years, her history indicates that there's a chance it may not last and that we shouldn't be (that) outraged/shocked if Junior comes around again. Read More...


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