Comic Party Revolution Complete Series Review

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After an initial series that introduced young Kazuki to the world of doujinshi and got him on a roll as a creator alongside instigator Taishi, Comic Party Revolution advances the storyline a little bit, just barely. Taking place with Kazuki now in college and others having moved on to the work force, those whose love is doujinshi find challenges in finding the time and energy to create such things while the real world moves in around them.

The original series was pretty fun as it did a fair number of parodies and cute looks at the world of manga and anime, but more so at the fans and the way they live and operate. It had its moments where you got a glimpse at some of the darker sides but for the most part it was something of a mild love letter towards the medium and didn't stray too far from the usual routines. The setup of the show even made the fact that Kazuki was surrounded by a number of women something that didn't seem completely out of the ordinary. The way that the circle he became involved in grew was fairly natural, as is the competition that it brought in the form of Eimi.

Revolution does carry on with most of that but with the mild twist of them now being a bit older and wiser in the ways of the selling markets as well as having a bit more popularity. Kazuki isn't the biggest thing out there but he's doing fairly well and has mastered the comic party events themselves all while balancing it against college. Unlike the first series though, these first five episodes don't have any real driving force behind them. The original series had us along with Kazuki learning the ropes of this worlds doujinshi artists and the trials they face. This was mirrored with the storyline about Mizuki and her lack of understanding of all of it while trying to make sure she got into the relationship with Kazuki that she wanted. That was naturally stymied by there being so many girls near him, with reason to be, and their minor infatuations with him.

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