Warehouse 13: "The New Guy" Review

Note: Full spoilers follow for theWarehouse 13 season premiere.

After a surprising season finale that ended on an epic cliffhanger, Warehouse 13 is back with more artifacts, more characters, and more of its unique quirky humor. 

The comedy element in this story is as good as the series has ever delivered. In fact, I'd say it's one of the funniest episodes of all. Eddie McClintock does a great job with Pete's humor in this one. Pete can sometimes venture into the realm of annoying fratboy, but here we get just enough of his antics to make things entertaining without grating on the nerves. I can't say the same about the painfully artificial southern twang we get from Ashley Williams, who plays FBI Agent Sally Stukowski. The end of the episode clearly shows that Stukowski will be playing an important role in this season's plot, but I hope that accent improves with practice.  Read More...



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