Alphas: "Pilot" Review

Look, conceptually, Syfy's Alphas isn't breaking any new ground. The basic set up evokes X-Men, Heroes and any other story about what happens when certain humans begin to develop superpowers. But just because a story is familiar doesn't mean it's not good, and Alphas has many charms of its own. 

David Strathairn stars as Professor X Dr. Lee Rosen, a neurophysiologist who oversees a small group of "Alphas" – people exhibiting various forms of enhanced abilities. One thing I liked from Alphas right from the start was we jump in with the central characters already very much a functioning group, not only being trained by Rosen, but covertly tackling missions involving other, more ominous Alphas. And while there is a character, Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie), who meets the Alphas and through whom we gain some info in the pilot, he's not the focal point of the premiere – we are right in the thick of it with the team from the get go.  Read More...


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